The family Association Comunità al Deserto:

“the basis of our association comes from the desire to open the doors of the house , looking for a place to realize our dream” 

The Congregation of the Servants of Charity, the “Opera don Guanella “

“we wanted our house to continue to welcome people in response to new needs” 

The Nisida Cooperative

“ we have offered experience and  expertise to create a social tourism project and to help people, we run the hostel and a social housing service together with the families 

The hostel is located within the "Il Deserto Residence" , a highly social vocational structure with a considerable symbolic value for our area . It’s the vocational social aspect that has always been the heart of this place, the soul of the Residence, whose purpose is to welcome everyone, sharing spaces and facilities, organizing activities in common, andn place of exchange and mutual aid.Besides the hostel , there are also a " joint condominium " made up of three families,  a social housing service, a kitchen dedicated to school catering services, work placement and other common areas , as well as facilities for personal services . 


THE NISIDA COOPERATIVE                                                                                                 

The Cooperative Nisida is a type A cooperative, O.N.L.U.S. in fact , that is a social enterprise that operates in the world of services and promotes educational initiatives and animation in the local territory.Its  69 members work in the following areas:  child and family care , care of  the disabled , mental health and social exclusion , the elderly , libraries as well as cultural and social tourism initiatives .The " Social Tourism " sector of the cooperative consists of a set of tourist activities - accommodation , personal services , cultural recreational and leisure activities , promotion of the territory and its traditions , proposals for cultural exchange , socialization , human relations - focusing on  people , and presenting itself as the driving force for social cohesion and personal enrichment of the people we meet .Besides managing the hostel, the Cooperative  runs " La Filanda ",  a guest house located in Sueglio ( LC ) .

 THE FAMILY ASSOCIATION “ Comunità al Deserto” (ACD)

The Association was founded in Chiavenna in 2005 as a " joint condominium " . It aims to encourage the creation and development of an environment where the harmonious development of relations and mutual help among families, individuals and groups can favor the growth and the welfare of all its members .The Association is the broader project of associations : Community and Family Association ( A.C.F. ) and Community and Family Life ( M.C.F. ) in which principles can be recognized and whose statutory purpose is inspired . 

COMMUNITY AND FAMILY ASSOCIATION (A.C.F.)                                       

 Association founded in 1988 thanks to the experience gained in the Villapizzone  Community in  Milan .It allows the creation of family communities that are inspired by the values ​​of self and mutual help and open to proposals , in a modern way , the solidarity of the " courtyard" , based on full trust and mutual availability . It is very strong in Lombardy and proposes innovative models of solidarity housing . 


It is the owner of the structure and is represented by two priests who live in a detached house located next to the Integrated Residence . 

“LA QUERCIA “ SOCIAL COOPERATIVE                                                                          

It is a type B Social Cooperative that has been  operating  in Valchiavenna for over twenty years and is active in the  following areas : maintenance of gardens, green zones  and farms , interior cleaning , catering services , and a specific department dedicated to job placement . Since it was founded, the Cooperative has always collaborated  with local services  and authorities,  creating , over the years,  work scholarships , internships and job placements  favoring  people with disadvantages.